Design Approach

Buehler & Buehler Structural Engineers, Inc. (B&B) has developed a design approach to provide innovative yet practical engineering solutions derived in an atmosphere of collaboration, creativity and commitment. We utilize state of the art performance based design approaches and conventional design techniques implemented with the experience and knowledge needed to apply them appropriately. Our complete services are provided with the personal dedication needed to meet all project requirements. To ensure this, the principals of our firm maintain an active role in all phases of every project, from preliminary concept through completion of construction.
Collaboration is at the core of the B&B philosophy. Our firm has long understood that a collaborative process involving all project stakeholders produces the best results. Project delivery methods such as Integrated Project Delivery (IPD), Building Information Modeling (BIM), and Lean Design Principles recognize the benefits of collaboration. Through early participation in the process, these integrated delivery methods embrace Knowledge Based Design which has always been a key part of the B&B design approach.
Creativity at B&B originates with the belief that each project can benefit from a unique solution derived to meet specific project needs. We begin by understanding the project's goals including economy, performance, sustainable design requirements and construction parameters. Although the possibilities for creativity are limitless, we often look for opportunities to enhance the design and add value through the innovative use of design techniques, construction materials, and project delivery methods such as IPD.
Commitment to the quality of the project and the success of the team is a core value at B&B. To that end we are dedicated to providing a superior level of expertise and service. We maintain our expertise through an emphasis on continuing education and impart our collective knowledge to all of our staff through our in-house training programs. Our customer service culture is based on responsiveness, with a focus on the client's needs. Most importantly, we endeavor to earn and maintain the highest level of trust from our clients.